Repairs/Reconditioning - Brazil


For trusted Curtis controller service and reconditioning: Only Vinnig, the exclusive Curtis Certified Service Center in Brazil, gets our stamp of approval.

All Curtis motor speed controller service and reconditioning in Brazil is performed by our exclusive authorized service center Vinnig Componentes Eletrônicos LTDA, located ion Rio de Janeiro. Vinnig operates a state-of-the-art, technical service facility completely focused on remanufacture and repair of advanced motor speed controllers for electric vehicles of all types. They are the largest, most specialized and best equipped operation of its kind in Brazil.

No other company has the advanced technical competencies that meet or exceed exacting Curtis standards and factory specifications. The Vinnig team members were trained by Curtis and the laboratory’s manager was trained by Curtis at the New York headquarters. Vinnig has a proven record of fast responsiveness, great efficiency and continued high-quality service. All products remanufactured by Vinnig are upgraded to the latest revisions and specifications, as well as load tested to maximum voltage and current ratings, to ensure safe and efficient operation. Beware of imitations by any other third-party vendors that claim to be endorsed by Curtis Instruments, or to be able to remanufacture according to Curtis quality and performance standards. Only Vinnig meets Curtis specifications, remanufacturing almost all types of Curtis controllers that are used in industrial EVs, lift trucks, electric golf cars, personnel carriers, scrubber/sweepers, mobility products, EGVs and similar electric vehicles.

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