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Curtis Instruments provides a comprehensive set of expert dynamometer services to motor speed controller/inverter customers, in-house in our major engineering centers. OEM customers can rely on Curtis EV specialists to perform these critical services quickly, efficiently, and accurately. EV motor and vehicle manufacturers benefit from decades of Curtis EV expertise.

The Curtis California R&D Center in Livermore, for example, has full-time, dedicated staff for dynamometer services and a complete set of state-of-the-art equipment, including:

  • Himmelstein and HBM high precision torquemeters.
  • Yokogawa WT5000 three phase power analyzers.
  • Regulated power supplies allow stiff voltage control or battery emulation.
  • LEM current sensors.
  • Seven dynamometers.
    – Max torque ratings from 10 Nm to 550 Nm, optimized per motor size.
    – Max speeds to 15000 rpm.
    – 12V to 400V DC bus voltage.
  • Liquid or air motor and controller cooling.

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