Curtis Dynamometer Services


Stage 1: Motor/Controller Matching

For PMAC motors and 1222 steering motors, this service is required for operation with Curtis controllers. For ACIM motors, we offer the option of autocharacterization.

The key advantages are:

  • Ease of installation with Motor_Type ™ assigned.
  • Higher efficiency operation (more torque, lower current).
  • Torque estimate (safer operation, enables controller feature not available otherwise).
  • Less torque ripple at high speeds.
  • Enables controller features otherwise unavailable.
  • May be necessary for some regulatory standards compliance.

Stage 1 includes:

  • Motor/controller matching to enable optimized operation with any Curtis E or F series controllers..
  • A Motor_Type will be created for each motor characterized and entered in the firmware database, permitting simple setup in the field.
  • The Motor_Type generates a real-time torque estimate, useful for various controller features and customer monitoring.
  • Beta software for development work, including the Motor_Type, will be created upon completion of the dyno work.
  • Released software for production, including the Motor_Type, will be created within one month.

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