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Welcome to this informational website designed to provide you with an in-depth look at the world of "chemical systems capable of storing and supplying electrical energy" - batteries; specifically, battery technology, charging and energy use. Primarily, this site content focuses on "wet cell" electric vehicle applications, but much of the information applies to batteries in general and will be helpful to anyone.

This site contains two technical volumes for your reference and information:

Battery Book 1. Lead Acid Traction Batteries
by Edward M. Marwell. Eugene P. Finger, and Eugene Sands
© Curtis Instruments 1981. All rights reserved.
Library of Congress Catalog card 81-65733; ISBN: 0-939488-00-0

While written in 1980, this technological primer is still as valid today as it was then. The general information of this book has become a widely read and popular, in-depth reference guide for science and industry. We hope that by publishing it on the web an even wider audience may benefit from this important educational volume.

Battery Book 2.
by Eugene P. Finger and Dr. David P. Boden
© Curtis Instruments 2007. All rights reserved.
This work focuses on constructing and modeling the lead acid battery.

Curtis Instruments, Inc. · Mount Kisco, N.Y. December 1980

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