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Christina Lowe Appointed as Human Resources Manager for Curtis Instruments, Inc.

MT. KISCO, NY, October 2020. Curtis Instruments, Inc. announces that Mrs. Christina Lowe has been appointed to the position of Human Resources Manager at the Mount Kisco, New York, company headquarters. In her new position, Christina Lowe will be responsible for a wide range human resources activities, including Employee Relations, Staff Recruitment, Supervision/Training, Performance Management, Benefits management and more. 

Her guiding tenet will be the first, and most important, of the Curtis 10-Point Operating Principles: Our people are our most important resource. This operating principle guides our daily work & relationships with our colleagues, customers, suppliers, and our community.

Mrs. Lowe received a Master of Science degree in Human Resource Management from Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, New York, and she hold a Bachelor of Business Administration: General Business from Berkely College in White Plains, New York

Prior to joining Curtis Instruments, she has had eight years of progressively responsible HR experience. Her successful career encompasses the full spectrum of human resources management responsibilities. Most recently Christina Lowe was Human Resources Generalist at WDF, Inc. (Tutor Perini) in Mount Vernon, New York, and prior to that she held a similar position at Cushman & Wakefield, Inc. in New York City.

We are confident that Christina Lowe's record of success, complemented by her well-rounded business and human resources skills, are ideally suited for her new position at Curtis. She brings the right combination of vision, enthusiasm, people skills and professionalism to the position and she is well-suited for the Curtis high-tech business culture.

Ernesto Millan Appointed as Director of Global Materials Management for Curtis Instruments, Inc.

MT. KISCO, NY, October. 2020. Curtis Instruments, Inc. announces that Mr. Ernesto Millan has been appointed to the corporate position of Director of Global Materials Management. In his new position, Mr. Millan will be responsible for all vital supply chain functions, including procurement, inventory management, customer service, planning, distribution and logistics. He will be stationed in the Curtis world headquarters in Mount Kisco, New York. 

Mr. Millan received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Occidente, ITESO in Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, Mexico. He holds a Data Science Certificate from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, in New Brunswick. He received formal training in Project Management.

As a fully qualified CPIM-APICS and CPSM-ISM professional, Mr. Millan had twenty years of progressively responsible experience prior to joining Curtis Instruments. His successful career encompasses the full spectrum of supply chain management experience for technical, business-to-business companies with directly transferrable skills to meet the Curtis global technical supply chain opportunities,  particularly his strong automotive electronics experience.

Most recently, Mr. Millan was Senior Manager, Materials Management at GAL Manufacturing Company, LLC. in the Bronx, New York, where he served as Head of Supply Chain for this elevator door equipment, controllers and signal fixtures manufacturer. Prior to that, he spent 11 years in managerial capacities for the automotive electronics company Continental Automotive Systems, Inc. in Deer Park, Illinois, where he was Corporate, Category Manager, and as Materials Planning Manager in Guadalajara, Mexico.

We are confident that Mr. Millan's record of success, complemented by his well-rounded business and supply chain skills, are ideally suited for his new position at Curtis. He brings the right combination of vision, enthusiasm, technical skills and professionalism to lead the worldwide supply chain management for Curtis worldwide.

Curtis introduces the Model AC F4-A Motor Controller for accurate speed and torque control of 3-phase AC induction and PMAC motors

Model AC F4-A uses dual, high-performance ARM Cortex microprocessors to ensure the highest possible levels of functional safety, while providing highly efficient motor control and flexible system control capabilities. It is intended to control the Electric Traction (Propel), Hydraulic Pump and On-Engine Generator (OEG) Hybrid systems on mobile equipment applications such as Materials Handling Trucks, Aerial Work Platforms and Construction Equipment. In addition to the highly advanced motor control, the Model AC F4-A is also a powerful Vehicle Manager/System Controller, with significant CANbus system master capabilities.

Packed with powerful features, the new controller is rated for IP65 and IP67 per IEC 60529.provides high-efficiency, field-oriented motor control algorithms for 3-phase AC motors while maintaining optimal performance at all operating conditions. Model AC F4-A provides real-time motor torque and power estimates for vehicle level power optimization. The controller features rugged housing in a very small footprint. The unit features heavy-duty M6 busbars for motor and battery connectors. The unit is CE marked as a programmable safety device with UL583 Pending. 

Model AC F4-A is easily configured to work with any AC induction or PMAC motor. The renowned Curtis motor auto-characterization setup allows easy on-truck pairing with different Induction motor types. The new controller features the latest implementation of Curtis renowned field oriented control algorithms, and our advanced PWM switching technology, assures maximum motor output torque and highest possible system efficiency across the entire torque/speed spectrum. The result is smooth and predictable drive control that only Curtis can deliver. 

Curtis offers ECS Module - Electronic Code Switch

The new Curtis ECS module is a flexible, easy to implement, operator identification keypad. The unit ensures only authorized  users have access to the machine guaranteeing safe control and secure operation. Operators may identify themselves  in multiple ways: through use of a personal pin code, through compatible RFID tags or a combination of the two. 

The ECS module is flexible to implement and can easily be integrated into machines with or without a CAN bus.  The module incorporates a buzzer and two easy to read status LEDs providing the operator audio and visual feedback regarding identification acceptance and diagnostics. Integrates easily into any system. 

For CAN based systems: CANopen implementation with an optionally connected CAN termination resistor. Supports CAN baud rates from 100Kbps to 1 Mbps. For non-CAN based systems: output relay will change state to indicate  authorized access. The Curtis ECS module operates in demanding conditions with IP65 front and IP40 (upgradable to IP54) rear ingress protection. It is CE compliant, UL recognized and ROHS2  Compliant.  

Key specifications include: 12 to 96 V Nominal Voltage; 9V Min; 120V max. System Voltage: 12 to 96 V, Typical (mA) 25; Max (mA) 136. 

Introducing the Curtis Integrated Toolkit – CIT

This new toolkit by Curtis is the V1.5 Windows PC Software Suite for the Design, Configuration and Diagnostics of CAN Control Systems. 

The Curtis Integrated Toolkit (CIT) is a powerful, fully integrated suite of development and diagnostic tools for use on control systems utilizing Curtis CAN-based products. CIT allows system design engineers to fully develop, configure, optimise and debug vehicle/equipment control systems that utilize Curtis CAN-based motor controllers, system controllers and I/O modules. CIT allows communication with all compatible CAN devices present on the CANbus, thus enabling live information from multiple CAN devices to be viewed at the same time. Conversely, CIT can also target any one individual device on the CANbus. Primarily intended for use by OEM design and development engineers, CIT is also available in reduced-feature editions that provide a sub-set of the available functionality. Restricted permission levels are also available, making CIT suitable for use by equipment dealers and maintenance engineers as a service tool.

Curtis Introduces New Curtis/Albright Single Pole High Voltage Contactor Model HV500

September 2020. Curtis Instruments is the exclusive distributor of Curtis/Albright DC Contactors and Disconnect Switches in North America. The new Model HV 500 is ideal for all types of electric vehicle and battery pack applications for Voltage up to 500V DC, with a Current Thermal Rating up to 500 Amps. The unit is hermetically sealed and meets IP67 standards. Packed with powerful features, the contactor is not polarity sensitive.  

The versatility of the new high voltage unit HV500 allows a variety of coil options that  include: 

- Continuous Duty - for operation 24 hours a day

- Intermittent Duty - especially for switching on load

- Economizer - allowing for significantly reduced power consumption while maintaining optimum switching capability

- Magnetic Latching - for zero power consumption in immobile applications

Mounting is easy through a rotatable bracket which offers 6 orientation angles. This allows for complete flexibility with the position of main contacts, allowing for customer ease of connection. The recommended tightening torque is 2.5Nm to 3Nm. The micro-switch option allows for either a Normally Open or Normally Closed configuration to be fitted within the hermetically sealed enclosure of the contactor.

The Curtis/Albright HV series of DC Contactors is fully hermetically sealed, allowing for  durability in extreme environments, or where operating in potentially hazardous conditions. Silver alloy tips can be specified when frequent load switching is required. Model HV500 has been designed from conception to be capable for switching heavy loads. 


April 2020. Curtis operations worldwide are complying with local Covid-19 preventative actions. This includes following all medical and governmental infectious disease guidelines. The number one objective of Curtis is to assure the health and safety of our global employees, their families and communities. The company has also taken significant measures to assure that our worldwide teams are secure in their income and to protect their jobs during this critical time. This has included work-at-home assignments, whenever possible and paid-time-off when it is not possible. A small number of essential employees have helped assure that our customer product deliveries and projects progress unencumbered, while working under special infection control and protection measures such as increased sanitation, disinfection, practicing social distancing and wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Curtis has also taken measures to support our local communities, including providing PPE to local first responders and hospitals. In this difficult time, the Curtis teams worldwide have worked diligently and effectively, and most importantly, safely, which is a great source of pride for the company. We will continue to operate safely under all applicable best practices until this crisis has passed. It is our sincere hope that our customers, business partners and associates, and their families and communities worldwide will stay safe and well.

Curtis Introduces New Isolated CAN Module

March 2, 2020. The new Curtis Model 1360 is an easy to implement module that functions to isolate a CANbus, ideal for any CANbus application. The 1360 can be utilized to mitigate unwanted voltage or current on a bus originating from EMC, ground loops or systems operating on multiple voltages. It is designed to isolate one CANbus from another, effectively reducing bus noise and errors while still facilitating communication between the two busses. The module contains optionally connected 120-ohm CAN termination resistors making it easy to terminate a bus within the module. The 1360 module integrates easily into a system; by simply connecting two CAN buses to the module it will effectively isolate one bus from the other effectively reducing bus noise. Hardware only design does not require updating or configuring firmware. The unit easily operates in demanding conditions with an operational temperature range of -40AE to +85AE C and IP67 ingress protection and supports CAN baud rates from 50kbps to 1Mbps. CE compliant with regard to EMC and ROHS, UL recognition is pending.

Dr. Howard J. Slater Appointed as Director of Engineering – Curtis UK Engineering Centre

MT. KISCO, New York, November, 2019. Curtis Instruments, Inc. announces that Dr. Howard J. Slater, PhD, B Eng (Hons), MIEE, has been appointed to the newly created position of Director of UK Engineering Centre (UKEC), the newest Curtis R&D Center to be located in Sunderland, UK. Dr. Slater is responsible for setting up this fully autonomous engineering center, which will supplement and complement the existing global Curtis engineering facilities in California, New York, Switzerland and China. The process of setting up this new facility is actively underway. The UKEC will be responsible for delivering motor controllers and custom products to the industrial sector, assisting in the further electrification of this industry. 

Dr. Slater earned a Post Graduate Certificate in Academic Practice from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, after having received a PhD in Real Time Emulation Environment for Digital Control Development from the same educational institution. He also completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, where he earned a Bachelor's degree Eng (Hons) 1st Class Electrical/Electronic Engineering. He started his engineering studies at Gateshead Technical College, where he earned O.N.C. Electrical/Electronic Engineering (Merit) and H.N.C. Electrical/Electronic Engineering (Distinction) degrees.

Prior to joining Curtis Instruments, he has had three decades of progressively responsible, high-level engineering experience. Widely recognized globally as a leader in his field, his successful career encompasses the full spectrum of engineering, design engineering and engineering management. Most recently, Dr. Slater was Senior Engineering Manager at the motor speed controller design engineering company Sevcon Ltd. / BorgWarner, where he was responsible for jointly running the Development Department at BorgWarner's Gateshead Technical Centre. He was heavily involved in delivering electrification products into the automotive industry, with mechanical, hardware, software, control, systems, functional safety and validation engineering teams reporting to him. His expert career at Sevcon, a primary leader in the motor speed controller and electrification systems company, spanned 15 years of progressively responsible functions within the company, including as: Senior Engineering manager, Head of Research, and Motor Control Manager

We are confident that Dr. Slater's strong record of success, complemented by his well-rounded engineering expertise, are ideally suited for his new position at Curtis. He brings the right combination of vision, enthusiasm, technical skills and professionalism to lead the worldwide expansion of the vital Curtis motor speed controller product lines.

Joshua Caldwell Appointed as Director of Product Management – Instrumentation, HMIs & Connectivity for Curtis Instruments, Inc.

MT. KISCO, NY, October. 2019 . Curtis Instruments, Inc. announces that Mr. Joshua Caldwell has been appointed to the newly created position of Director of Product Management for Instrumentation, Human Machine Interface (HMIs) & Connectivity. In his new position, Mr. Caldwell will be responsible for the worldwide product management for these important Curtis product lines and to help solidify the global technical leadership position of the company.

Mr Caldwell received a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, where he is currently also in the final stages of completing a Masters of Science Degree in Computer Science.

Prior to joining Curtis Instruments, he has had two decades of progressively responsible experience. His successful career encompasses the full spectrum of engineering, sales and product management responsibilities. Most recently Mr. Caldwell was Senior Software Applications and Engineering Leader for CrossControl in Washington, DC, where he was responsible for the corporate business in North America, including go-to-market strategy, budget, customer management, resources and business planning. Previous roles have seen Mr. Caldwell responsible for software, systems and sales for major technical companies, including for Case New Holland and the Ford Motor Company. At Ford, he started as an intern and moved through their prestigious training program for five years, rotating through software, systems and launch engineering, sales and marketing functions. He also used his business, technical and software skills to serve others as a Peace Corps volunteer in Sierra Leone, Africa.

We are confident that Mr. Caldwell's record of success, complemented by his well-rounded business and technical skills, are ideally suited for his new position at Curtis. He brings the right combination of vision, enthusiasm, technical skills and professionalism to lead the worldwide expansion of these vital Curtis product lines.

Curtis Instruments Inc. Expands its Global Engineering Operation – Establishes New UK Engineering Center in Newcastle-Sunderland

July 1, 2019: Curtis Instruments Inc. is pleased to announce the establishment of the Curtis UK Engineering Centre (UKEC). The UKEC is a new Research & Development Engineering facility that will be located in the Newcastle / Sunderland area of England, a region that is rapidly developing into a high-technology hub.

The UKEC expands the company's industry-leading position as an expert electrification partner to OEMs and EV system suppliers. The UKEC will also significantly strengthen Curtis's ability to provide first-class systems engineering services to the major UK & European vehicle and mobile machinery manufacturers.

This new engineering facility will work closely with existing Curtis global engineering teams in California, New York, Switzerland, and China, deepening the company's powertrain electrification competencies. Ties with local colleges and universities will provide opportunities at the vocational, undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

The UKEC will be a business unit of Curtis Instruments UK Ltd. in Northampton, England, founded in 1974, which operates as the sales, technical support and logistics hub for Curtis in the UK and Ireland.

Curtis is now actively recruiting innovative and capable engineers with mobile electronics experience to join the UKEC team. Click here for further information.

Curtis introduces the new Curtis Model 1226 Brushed DC Permanent Magnet Motor Controller

This new controller by Curtis provides efficient, optimal control of permanent magnet drive motors for battery powered vehicles. Model 1226 is optimized for use on light duty Class III pallet trucks and sweeper scrubber floorcare machines. Highly flexible programmability allows these controllers to be applied on any low power PM motor application.

Model 1226 is easily programmed with Model 1313 handheld or 1314 PC programming station, or can be supplied pre-programmed. These controllers are compatible with industrial tiller handle wig-wag throttles such as the Curtis Model ET-190E. Troubleshooting and diagnostics are easy. Advanced speed regulation maintains precise speed over varied terrain, obstacles, curbs and ramps. Hydraulic Lift Lockout functionality protects the vehicle's batteries from damaging level of discharge. These new controllers provide highly flexible I/O.

Curtis Introduces the Ultimate Class III Combi Control System: AC F2-C

The Curtis Model AC F2-C is an Integrated AC Traction & DC Pump System Controller that offers unprecedented performance and value. This AC F2-C motor controller combined with a Half bridge DC hydraulic pump and proportional valve control system uses dual high-performance ARM Cortex microprocessors in a compact, package to deliver unmatched performance and a very flexible feature set.

Model AC F2-C is fully optimized for use as a Combi traction and hydraulic controller on 1.0 ton-2.0 ton class III pedestrian-operated powered pallet and stacker trucks. It provides vehicle designers with the ability to fully define and control the detailed dynamic performance of their vehicle's drivetrain and hydraulic pump system, and also provides comprehensive vehicle management and CAN master capabilities. Model AC F2-C is also suitable for traction and hydraulic pump control on other types of battery powered vehicles such as the small aerial scissor lift platforms.

Together with the new Curtis model 3140 CAN LCD display and the new user-friendly Curtis Integrated Toolkit, the Curtis model AC F2-C is the ultimate Class III truck control system. 

Curtis Introduces New On-Road AC Motor Controller Model 1269E for electric and hybrid vehicles using 72–108V nominal system voltage

The Curtis E model controllers utilize a powerful dual-microprocessor logic architecture to provide improved performance and surpass the requirements of the latest international functional safety standards. The Curtis Model 1269E provides energy efficient control of asynchronous AC induction motors performing on-vehicle traction drive duties. It offers vehicle developers a highly cost-effective combination of power, performance and functionality.

Intended for electric and hybrid vehicles using 72 to 108V nominal system voltage for high power circuits, and a 12V chassis-grounded system for low-power control circuits. Software upgrade allows use with surface permanent magnet synchronous motors. 

Curtis Introduces Brushed DC Permanent Magnet Motor Controller for Electric Power Steering and Steer-by-Wire Systems

February 2019. Mount Kisco, New York: The new Curtis Model 1220E brushed DC permanent magnet motor controller for electric power steering and steer-by-wire systems fully meets EN1175 1:1998+A1: 2010 standards. This controller is exclusively designed for Curtis Vehicle Control Language (VCL) enabled AC-traction controllers. The steering motor functions as an actuator to change the angle of the wheels thereby changing travel direction. Model 1220E interprets the steering command input and wheel position feedback, to steer the vehicle. Intended applications are class-3 material handling vehicles such as pallet trucks, stackers and similar industrial vehicles.

The controller features absolute and relative position control modes. Model 1220 e has 20 kHz Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) switching frequency to ensure silent operation. Advanced PWM techniques produce low motor harmonics, low torque ripple, and minimized heating losses, resulting in high efficiency. Powerful features include configurable homing methods, center offset, and end-stop protection. Model 1220e, with CANopen system communication, operates with 24V and 36/48V nominal supply voltage and 60A 1-minute current rating. Hour meter and diagnostic log functions are integrated. The Curtis 840 Spyglass can be connected to show traction and steering information such as BDI, hour meter, fault, traction speed, and steered wheel angle. Model 1220 e is designed for maximum safety with dual redundant configuration of all safety relevant parts. Fault output can be used to turn off traction controller’s main contactor and EM Brake. The new controller provides Separate input paths to each micro for all input and feedback signals. Following error check ensures the wheel position tracks the steering command.

Model 1220e meets or complies with relevant US and international regulations:

• EMC: Designed to the requirements of EN12895:2015.

• EN1175- 1:1998+A1:2010.

• UL recognized per UL583.

• Designed to the EN13849 standard achieving a PL=d, Category 3 for all Safety Functions.

• Electronics sealed to IPX4.

Regulatory compliance of the complete vehicle system with the controller installed is the responsibility of the vehicle OEM.

Curtis offers a Powerful System Controller for a Wide Application Range

The Curtis Model 1351 System Controller provides 26 multi-function I/O for application in stand-alone or CAN connected systems. With ample user code space and the newly enhanced real-time VCL 2.0 programming language, OEMs can use Model 1351 to develop a wide range of vehicle and system control applications as the master or a slave in a multi- module installation. The 1351 System Controller was designed for a wide variety of applications, such as material handling vehicle masters, base controllers for aerial trucks, operator interface in man-up platforms, land based installation controllers replacing PLCs, ICE and Hybrid system controllers, hydraulic manifold control and many others. This advanced controller features highly flexible I/O as pins are multifunctional and easily configured to match any application, and with the Curtis Vehicle Control Language (VCL), an easy to program “C-like” language providing all the power and flexibility to control any application. VCL programs run protected and securely; monitored for proper operation to protect the system from erratic behaviors. Model 1351 provides speed, safety and simplicity with dual 32-bit microprocessors to achieve powerful performance and safety. The microprocessors cross check each-other continuously for proper operation to ensure reliable control of your application. 1351 can perform user developed Safety Functions to EN13849 Category 2 PL=d and limited Category 3 functions using the I/O redundancy and built-in SRDO functions. This system controller also features comprehensive CANbus control. With two Independent CAN ports, Model 1351 offers a wide range of connectivity options. Each port can run different rates and protocols, with full CANopen and/or J1939 compatibility. Model 1351 is ideally suited for hybrid vehicles or to bridge CANopen ports at different bit rates.

Curtis Introduces New AC Induction Motor Controller - AC F2-A

Curtis Introduces New AC Induction Motor Controller - AC F2-A

Aug. 28, 2017, Mount Kisco, NY - The new Curtis AC motor speed controller AC F2-A for Class III pallet trucks is an AC Motor Controller with powerful performance and value. This new controller provides a uniquely high specification at an unprecedented price point. This new AC induction motor controller (inverter) uses dual high performance ARM Cortex microprocessors in a compact package to deliver unmatched performance and a very flexible feature set.

Model AC F2-A is fully optimized for use as a traction controller on 1.0 ton-2.0 ton class III pedestrian-operated powered pallet trucks. It provides vehicle designers with the ability to fully define and control the detailed dynamic performance of their vehicle's drivetrain, and also provides comprehensive vehicle management and CAN master capabilities. It is also suitable for traction or hydraulic pump control on other types of battery powered vehicles. Together with the new Curtis Model 3140 CAN LCD display and the new user-friendly Curtis Software Suite, Model AC F2-A is the ultimate Class III truck control system.

The compact, rugged features heavy-duty M6 busbars for motor and battery connectors and comes with a sealed, 23-pin AMP seal I/O Connector. This controller is impervious to most oils, solvents, degreasers and other chemicals often encountered by industrial vehicles. The new CE marked and UL583 recognized controller is rated for IP65 environmental protection as per IEC 60529 and exceeds latest global conformance requirements for functional safety, electrical safety and EMC.

Model AC F2-A is easily configured to work with any AC induction motors with Curtis motor auto-characterization setup.