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Customers can rely on the worldwide Curtis customer service and support network.

Email Customer Support for repair, warranty and maintenance of Curtis products: Technical Questions

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Curtis warrants that the products sold to Customer by Curtis will be free from defect in materials and workmanship for a period of twenty-four (24) months of single shift or 4000 hours of operation, from the date of manufacture of the product, subject to the terms and conditions in this Limited Warranty, except with respect to Curtis/Albright products for which the length of the warranty period is fourteen (14) months from the date of manufacture.

If, during the applicable warranty period, (i) Curtis is advised in writing as to a defect in a Curtis product; (ii) such product is returned to a receiving point designated by Curtis; and (iii) an examination of such product discloses to Curtis’ reasonable satisfaction that such product is defective and such defect was not caused by accident, abuse, neglect, alteration, improper installation, lightning damage, submersion, short circuits due to improper handling, repair, improper testing or use contrary to any instruction issued by Curtis, Curtis will replace or credit the defective product at no cost to Customer, except for transportation costs. Replacement shall mean furnishing the Customer with a new product equivalent to the defective product. All defective products replaced by Curtis under this warranty shall become the property of Curtis and must be returned to Curtis properly packed to prevent physical damage. Curtis does not warrant that any product is suitable for use in any particular application. Customer shall be responsible for evaluating the appropriateness of the use of any specific Curtis product for a particular application and shall specify such use at the time of the placement of any order for a Curtis product. Curtis shall be entitled to rely exclusively upon such representation in furnishing any product to Customer. See the general Curtis warranty policy for additional details.


Curtis customers can count on the company’s extensive worldwide service structure to provide the highest level of customer support and technical assistance.
Controller Service
In Europe and Asia, Curtis controllers are serviced directly at local Curtis sales and repair centers. In North America, in-warranty controllers are serviced at the Curtis California design center.

Out-of-warranty controllers are serviced by Flight System Industrial Products (FSIP), an authorized Curtis repair and reconditioning facility ( FSIP has outstanding technical competencies that meet or exceed Curtis’ exacting standards and factory specifications. Reconditioned controllers are available for purchase directly from FSIP.


Curtis Instruments, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2015 registered company. Curtis facilities at Mt. Kisco, NY; Livermore, CA; Suzhou, China; Northampton, England; Sofia, Bulgaria; Stenkullen, Sweden; Carolina, Puerto Rico; and Biberist, Switzerland, are under the surveillance of Lloyds, BSI, AEA and SQS Registrars, as conforming to the qualifying benchmarks for accreditation to ANSI-RAB, UKAS, SAS and RvA international quality management systems.


Curtis products are fully programmable and designed for maximum application flexibility. In cases where the present product offering does not fully meet specifications, or when OEMs require special customization, Curtis product development can meet the challenge. Contact your Curtis representative to discuss your specific projects.