Research & Development


Curtis is committed to a coordinated and integrated process to build in quality from design to product delivery, with a comprehensive system to assure product quality and reliability.

  • Curtis invests over 10% of gross revenue in innovation.
  • The company operates four R&D Centers, with highly specialized engineers and technicians working in California, Switzerland, New York and China.
  • Since 1960, Curtis has led the way with innovations in motor control, battery management, power conversion and vehicle instrumentation.
  • Curtis products are engineered to meet the highest industrial quality, reliability and safety standards.

Mount Kisco, New York

The site of international headquarters, North American operations and R&D center. The Mount Kisco engineering and product teams develop battery monitoring gauges, panels and all types of instrumentation.

Livermore, California

The primary R&D center for the renowned Curtis PMC motor speed controllers for electric vehicles of all kinds. Design engineers work closely with OEMs to develop advanced controllers for optimum performance, functionality and safety.

Biberist, Switzerland

An important R&D center specializing in the design of dual motor control systems for motorized wheelchairs and industrial vehicles—including integrated vehicle control systems. This location is also a major system software development center.

Suzhou, China

A versatile and highly skilled engineering team provides advanced solutions that meet local and global market needs for a wide range of electric vehicles.

UK Engineering Centre, England

The UK Engineering Centre is the newest Curtis technical operation. Located in the north of England, the UK EC specializes in developing advanced motor speed controllers.