Global Manufacturing


Curtis is committed to a coordinated and integrated process to build in quality from design to product delivery, with a comprehensive system to assure product quality and reliability.

  • Curtis operates three flagship manufacturing plants, serving the world market from Puerto Rico, Bulgaria and China.
  • Our guiding philosophy states: “We strive to design and manufacture only one level of quality—the highest.” Each Curtis employee is committed to this principle and takes it personally, day in and day out.
  • We employ a team-driven, quality-focused approach from concept to design, from manufacturing to post-sale support.
  • For consistent quality, all Surface Mount Technology manufacturing lines are fully automated. Camera systems ensure that fine-pitched components are installed accurately.
  • In addition to in circuit testing, automated optical inspection (AOI) machines further assure proper component functionality.
  • To maximize heat transfer on IMS boards, we use advanced X-ray and cross-sectioning equipment to inspect solder joints.
  • Curtis manufacturing sites employ the latest robotic manufacturing assembly processes.
  • Equipment and processes are standardized in all Curtis manufacturing plants to assure quality consistency.
  • A thorough, company-wide quality assurance program includes root cause analysis and corrective action processes.

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